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Promotional content - Everyman Music Festival

THE CLIENT - Everyman Cinema is making waves in the cinema space, in 2017 reporting a 55% increase in profit from the previous year. They’ve achieved success by taking the cinema experience to the next level and done so in every facet of their business. So when they approached us to become their video partner for the Everyman Music Festival we understood that we needed to show this in the best way possible.

OUR APPROACH - Our approach for the creation of this video was pretty simple, we needed a two camera setup that allowed us quick and nimble movement in the busy venues across the country. When it came to the edit we knew that we were going to be working with fast cuts as the track for the video had already been decided. From that we knew we had to be in amongst the crowd, capturing small moments between guests and the artists performing.

THE OUTCOME - Capturing over 30 hours of footage and filming over a week across the country in several Everyman venues, we found it to be an intense and fun project. We feel the video does the festival great justice and really does show the exuberant energy and production time that Everyman put into their events. The video was received very well by their shareholders and online audience and from this we have continued to work with Everyman ever since and proud to be partnered with them.

“ Working with Kemosabe around the festival was great. The Video has a real broad spectrum of coverage from the festival and they captured the vibrant and intimate moments we were looking for. They made our lives easy and came out with some fantastic content both to promote the festival in the lead up and during it. They were always proactive in coming up with nice ideas too. That’s why we continue to work with them”

- Hoss, Head of Marketing

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