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Capturing the key moments is paramount to our success at events. You will find us in the heart of the action, shooting cinematic visuals, key speakers, captivating interviews and live entertainment all encompassed within a punchy edit. We work behind the scenes with you pre-event and blend in with the crowd during, we are able to scale our crew sizes to cater to your event.

We work with multiple brands and agencies capturing their key events and launches across the world. Throughout every event video, we will portray the atmosphere and emotion with split-second cinematics, designing and shaping every video with a revealing narrative woven together with a wealth of interviews, informative animations and motion graphics.

At Kemosabe Film Co we integrate with your events and social teams to create engaging content shaped for your brand, allowing the final asset to span across all your video and social platforms with intended longevity. We work with scaleable teams that cater to your event size, location and your creative needs worldwide.





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