Promotional Video - “Summer 2019 Signup”

THE CLIENT - Jameson Ranch Camp is legendary in the world of US Summer Kids camps, spanning back 85 years as a camp and even more as a cattle ranch. Situated in the South Sierra Mountains it a wonderful place where kids get to be kids away from technology and immersed in nature and community.

OUR APPROACH - JRC came to us through a referral and we couldn’t have been more excited to take on the project. They needed a video that would attract parents and wow kids. After looking at a lot of other camp videos from across the US, we realised too often adults were telling the audience what and how kids experienced their camp - this is where we thought JRC could stand out. Let the kids do the talking.

THE OUTCOME - Over a 2 week shoot in the incredibly hot mountains we asked over 140 kids what camp meant to them, each giving us a genuine insight to their experiences at JRC. With a huge bank of footage we cut together a video which showed off the best that JRC had on offer (and there is a lot) giving audiences a real look at the wonder and magic that is JRC.

“Kemosabe weaved themselves into our community, putting our campers at ease and perfectly capturing what camp is all about. They are the perfect professionals and I can’t imagine another company fitting so wonderfully into camp. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership and are already excited to work with them again next year. ”

- Caitlin Latta, Camp Director


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