Should be captivating and sell without selling…

The story is everything to us, we understand that when curating a promotional video informing your audience and allowing brand presence with clear, effective and emotive visuals is key. The narrative is the best way to draw in an audience and maintain interest. We pride ourselves on working with our clients in a way that delivers a story and driving home a message with content that reflects the brand, company or product.

As a company, we like to fully understand you and your brand and what is needed to tell your story in the best way possible. Kemosabe Film Co has worked with a broad variety of sectors from independent brands, start-ups, service providers, all the way through to international corporate brands. We custom build each video that's tailored to your style and branding, encompassed within the narrative. With our experience, a vast selection of equipment and a scalable crew we can produce high production values across every piece of content we export, drawing your audience closer to your brand.

Promotional videos remain to be one of the most popular requests from our returning clients and each one is totally different from one client to the next. Yogaia wanted something cinematic and charming, Everyman Cinema wanted something fast, polished and relatable, Patrón Tequila wanted colourful and product based content specific to their target audience. All of our clients come away with an asset that they have been a part of, are proud of and a video that sells them.






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