THE CLIENT - Xelba makes all new and existing IoT technologies work together in a really fascinating way. In short, they can make anything that transmits a frequency talk to anything that can receive it and work together. They needed a video that demonstrated how and what Xelba was to possible investors, without alienating less tech savvy people but grabbed their attention in the first few seconds.

OUR APPROACH - Investment videos rarely catch and keep audiences interest for long. Emma, Xelba’s Marketing Director, wanted An easy to understand video with approachable tone. One thing we noticed was the over use of stock footage and ‘booming’ voice overs across investment videos, and knowing investors see hundreds of these videos a year, thought a tongue-in-cheek spoof on the genre was the best approach.

THE OUTCOME - Using some carefully selected stock footage, some brilliantly performed voice over and a two camera interview setup we created a really fun and informative video that helped Xelba in receiving £2,000,000 in investment.

“Working with Kemosabe Film CO allowed us to accelerate our ideas and vision into a perfect video that delivered the promises. The key to a good video is working alongside great producers and directors”

-Ben, Creative Director

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