Promotional Video and social campaign video

“Ode To Ye Yoga Mat”

THE CLIENT - Yogaia is a live online yoga class platform, with instructors streaming directly to users with an instant feedback system via webcam. They came to us with an open mind on how to approach the video but their key objective was to attract more ‘everyday’ users who have thought about starting yoga but for what ever reason have not.

OUR APPROACH - After researching the Yoga space we found a reoccurring theme, almost impossibly attractive people doing Yoga in exotic locations. This may look great, but it’s not going to resonate and truly relate to our everyday audience. We instead focused on the intent audiences had to start, the issues why they stopped and how Yogaia was the answer to that problem. We realised that our team actually had all tried yoga, bought the mat and lost motivation to continue. So using this for inspiration we created a story around the ‘left behind’ yoga mats of the world.

THE OUTCOME - Using a small team of 6 we shot over one day in a single location. The final result was a beautiful, a cinematic story that moves the audience through the space, mindset and life of an unused Yoga mat.

“Kemosabe was absolutely fantastic to work with! The guys were deeply involved in every step of the process, from writing the initial story ideas all the way to the delivery of different versions of the film, and it was a joy to work with them throughout the whole journey. They have a great skill of listening and caring for you, but having a firm grip of the creative direction and production. An absolute joy to work with and we’re super happy with how the film turned out!"

- Mikko, Founder

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